Beautiful Wedding and Recepton of TK Nathan & Lalitha

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Created At : 23-07-2016

Match Made in heaven is a simple word that can be used for this couple. After a courtship of 8 years finnaly they tied the knot. The beautiful wedding took place at Hindu Saaba Kulim and Reception was held at Dewan Serbaguna Chai Ling Park

The weddinga and reception was captured by and event decoration was done by


A chili red Indian wedding deco theme added a vibration color that enhance the entire event

The Bride and Groom shared how they executed their wedding 

My wife and I would like to this opportunity to thank Shara anne from Dheba Olii Ent for helping us in taking care of our wedding and reception decoration.  He has executed well beyond our expectation. Not to forget Satish from for capturing our event moments beautifully.  We also would like to thank my parents, siblings, friends and relative who have attended our wedding and reception. 

Thank you very much TK Nathan & LalithaK for sharing their wedding stories with us and we wish the couple happy married life.


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