How to Choose Your Event Decorator

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Created At : 05-10-2016

Writer: Sharavanan,Subramaniam

Company : Dheba Olii Enterprise


Disclaimer: The written message are purely based on writers knowledge and it may varies from person to person and there is no right and wrong.

So, where do we start? This is the biggest question that runs on every couple’s mind that getting married or planing an event. Choosing the right vendor is key for your event success

1.Start early

Do not wait until last minute to decide, plan at least 1 year to 6  months ahead of your event. Normally a good event management company are booked 1 year ahead. We know there is a lot of vendors outside there for you to get a good bargain but will you get what you need from them in limited timeframe.

2. Planed your Budget

Its essential to plan your budget for your event decoration. Do consider this seriously to save your time and vendors time.  No budget is small, but be realistic on your budget and your requirements.

The Biggest Dilemma in this industry is couples do often come with no preplanned budget. Get prepared to spend RM6K to RM30K for a grand wedding/reception decoration in a wedding hall.

But again sky is the limit…check out Most expensive Indian Weddings.


3. List Down your requirement clearly

This will be a lot more easier when you talk to different vendors as each vendors have unique services to offer. Clearly state same requirement to shortlisted vendor so that you can compare their given quotes.


4. Check out Vendor actual works

Don't take this for granted, most couple are so busy that they ignore this essential part.Its key to know how your vendor work and their final result. Check out their website, Facebook and most importantly customer review on their works. 


5.  Working with your Vendor

Are you finding the supplier is informative and knows the subject he/she is talking about, it is very important to identify the right supplier for your work. Do he/she listen to your plan and idea or are they trying their level best in convincing you to take their services. Listen to your heart and follow what it tells you. 


These are the Do’s that every couple should do before hiring a vendor.

1. Check the vendor background (No of years in service)

2. Ask for customer referral

3. Check out the vendor FB page

4. Ask when is their next event and make it a must to go and see

5. Clearly state your requirement to vendor by email or written documents

6. Get receipts for every payment

7. Read and sign the vendors term and condition of services.


The Don’t

1. Always have black and white on every agreed services or communication

2.Don’t 100% trust on Whats App read message status, asked for read message acknowledgement


Wishing all new couple’s happy hunting in finding the prefect vendor for their big days…..

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